Aviation is a complex, high-value and constantly changing industry which is Vulnerable to the worst-case scenario of catastrophic losses. Insurance solutions need to be innovative, cost-competitive and individually tailored to clients’ specific needs. Aviation products are offered to commercial, cargo, charter airlines, air-taxi operators, flying clubs, private owners as well as airport operators and services..
Some of the risks that needs to be covered include
  • Aircraft hull / liability / war risks / deductibles
  • Airport Liability
  • Hangar keepers Liability
  • Premises liability and vehicles airside
  • Aviation Personal accident(Crew)
  • Pilot loss of Licence
  • Employees Compensation
  • Spares all risk Insurance
Aircraft Insurance is a specialist insurance product that many aircraft owners and operators have a limited understanding of. Our team of specialist aviation insurance brokers are here to assist, identify as to what coverage is needed to suit the operations in which your aircraft is used. WMG offers insurance expertise on aviation and related products. We work closely with major commercial airlines and private jet owners to ensure businesses are understood thoroughly and arrive at a custom-made solution.

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