Insurance Broking
WMG’s substantial knowledge of the industries and products which mitigate risk help clients to meet their requirements ranging from product requirement to claims management. Our networking and negotiation skills with insurance companies facilitate us to provide the best price and coverage to our clients.
Organisations often make decisions based purely on the least priced offers that could backfire in the event of a claim, where exclusions in the policy don’t provide adequate coverage. Whether it’s a corporate, a home or motor insurance, WMG provides customized solutions and post-policy assistance to make sure you are completely protected.
We follow a scientific methodology of risk identification in understanding gaps within a system to design and propose an insurance program specific to each clients’ requirement.
The insurance program is shared with our channel partners to secure the best terms which include price and coverages , deductibles and exclusions , renewal management , management of endorsements, claim notifications and handling.
Our specialised services help you save time, money and worry.
Portfolio Audit
WMG analyses your existing insurance policies and guides you on the efficiency of the risk being adequately covered.
Insurance audit is a process of reviewing existing risk programmes to identify gaps in coverage, sum insured, deductibles, exclusions and thereby highlight its adequacy in terms of risk exposure. Our audit ensures that you are sufficiently covered as per industry standards.
Based on the audit, the risk landscape is understood, the team further measures the probability and severity of the risks faced by the clients to provide suitable solutions.
Health awareness activities at work is gaining importance as working people spend more than half of their waking hours at work, this provides an ideal opportunity for employees to share and receive various health information and for employer’s to create healthy working environment.
More often Reactive Care approach results in high Mediclaim utilization. Much of this increase is due to unhealthy lifestyle choices like inactivity, irregular eating habits, sleeping habits, stress, occupational hazards etc.
WMG dedicated Wellness team helps client effectively manage and limit overall escalating premiums without compromising employee’s benefits. We use the “Preventive Care” approach where we encourage corporate to opt for wellness as an integral part of their employee benefit programme.
WMG’s Approach to Wellness
Corporate health requirements differ – therefore each wellness programme has to be customized to address the specific need of client. Employee Wellness programme requires cautious planning and thought.
Employee Wellness is fast emerging practice in corporate and has a crucial role to play in the future of all companies. Wellness programmes have successfully reduced absenteeism, staff member turnover rates, and healthcare costs, elevated employee morale, leading to higher productivity, which in the end leads to a more profitable company.
WMG Wellness Programme Design
We take great pride in driving well planned wellness programme designed by observing client’s health portfolio and claims analysis to identify health risks patterns. Our Wellness experts detect adverse health trends to formulate immediate and long term plans to proactively address these issues. Wellness programme should have a clear operating plan with an attainable, measurable goal. We work on the same principle and periodically assess the effectiveness through the year and the programme is gradually modified to achieve desired goal.
Companies follow various trends while offering wellness to their employee. Some simply circulate health articles like healthy lifestyle; stress reduction etc. Some corporations hold health camps for screenings and health risk assessments. Some offer in-office gyms and yoga programmes. No matter what is offered it would be a waste without voluntary employee participation.
WMG Wellness Programs Implementation
Health risks and costs are reduced when lifestyle are maintained. The real challenge lies in making wellness programme work. One has to get employees to participate – that is the real test of strong and effective from the weak and ineffective programme!
Studies have shown that even modest physical activity can have a dramatic effect on lowering health insurance premiums. Since most people don’t adapt to change easily, changing employee behavior becomes an integral part of Howden’s Wellness programme.
We believe in slow and gradual approach that allows employees to adapt to wellness programme to achieve long-term behavior change in them. Employee reaction to wellness programmes vary from intrigue to skepticism and we at WMG we understand the same while implementing.
We believe in slow and gradual approach that allows employees to adapt to wellness programme to achieve long-term behavior change in them. Employee reaction to wellness programmes vary from intrigue to skepticism and we at WMG we understand the same while implementing.
WMG Wellness Service
Whether you’re about to introduce a corporate wellness programme, add options to an existing programme, or just want to “test the waters” with an introductory programme, WMG is your one-stop shop for solution.
  1. Health Risk Assessment
    Our online HRA allows our clients to receive personalized health risk recommendation for lifestyle modification that helps them manage theirhealth.
  2. Health Camps
    Onsite health camps are held for diagnostic tests including cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, body mass index, body fat, derma scan, bone density and more. We organize the Health Camps in association with various prestigious & pioneer institutes.
  3. Corporate Health Risk Review & Design
    Review and analyze client’s claims report to examination utilization trends, disease pattern to customize annual wellness programme.
  4. Corporate Wellness Education
    Education to change employee behavior through periodic flow of health information in the form of electronic newsletter, on-site health talks on preventive care, wellness lifestyle choices and many more.
  5. My Health Manager – Wellness on Web Portal
    ‘My Health’ on online web portal is customized to provide our clients high-quality, personal feel with features like customized health dashboard, Health Risk Assessment, On-going lifestyle support, and self-stated wellness initiative.
  6. Disease Management
    We focus to modify behaviour in the issues like smoking cessation, weight management, stress management, exercise, nutrition, disease management, and more.
Corporate Wellness Programme
With the permission and active support of our customers our in-house health counselors and panel experts conduct a ‘corporate wellness programme’ with benefits that include:
  • Identification of work related stress
  • Individual Counseling
  • Overall Heath Report
  • Better Morale
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Improved Wellness Culture
  • Healthy Culture
Claims Managementr
By integrating our claims, industry and technical skills, we at WMG help you prepare the balance of information to evidence your claim in the right format and speed up the settlement.
We have the necessary blend of skills to prepare the substantial technical and financial information to fully evidence your claim. We know precisely what information insurers require and we present it in the right way and in the format required to optimise the claim settlement. This speeds up the process.
We will work with you to gain an appreciation of your business and claims requirements and agree to a working protocol. We tailor a range of services to provide the solutions your business needs.
In the event of a large or complex loss, our Claims Consultants will:
  • Support and guide you through the claim presentation, negotiation and settlement process
  • Attend meetings with you to review and analyse loss information and agree on strategies
  • Take full advantage of our established relationships and negotiation skills to allow constructive communication on difficult claim issues
  • Introduce other internal or external specialist suppliers of claims and legal services for specific tasks
In the event of crisis, WMG is prepared to assist you with your claim and guide you through the process. Our Claim team aims to promote openness and co-operation between parties in order to resolve claims as quickly as possible. Our Claim team aims to prevent or minimize the risk of further occurrence by establishing a process from which claims can be reviewed and any lessons learned identified, examined, implemented and reviewed.
At WMG we believe that through our range of claims services, we are uniquely placed to provide skills and resource to meet any claims challenge that clients may experience.
  • Claims handling and Management: Proactive claims processing and handling with clear protocols within a measure-driven environment, to provide a high-quality and efficient claims service for clients.
  • Claims Advocacy: We offer strategic and practical advice on major claims, delivering solutions by our technical expertise and long-standing insurer relationships.
Claims Consultancy: Pre- and post-loss claims services, enabling clients to understand and minimize claims cost, impact and frequency.
Risk Consultancy
Risk is an inherent element of our lives and business . We advise our clients on the probable risk exposuresRisk is an inherent element of our lives and business . We advise our clients on the probable risk exposures affecting them along with insurance covers that can mitigate the risk. The process involves risk analysis , impact assessment , risk forecasting, risk solutions for better management which is now widely regarded.
Companies that fully understand their environment and manage risk achieve their objectives. Those who fail to recognize and manage risk can dilute the value of their stakeholders, squander resources and damage their reputation.
At WMG, our invincible team has developed, implemented and managed risk management programs for numerous clients in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, IT/ ITES, healthcare, hospitality, textiles, construction, transportation/ logistics and Infrastructure.
Our Risk Advisory team can assist you to improve your risk management infrastructure and capabilities by providing:
  • Assessment, Identification & review of Risk Management
  • Design and Implement Risk management program
  • Outsourcing risk management services like risk inspection, thermographic studies, valuation, performance, periodic maintenance review etc

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